401 N Morton St Suite 160 Bloomington Indiana 47404
Name Title Phone (Voice) Email
Adam Butcher Front-End Developer 812-349-3454
Richard Creek GIS Specialist 812-349-3454
Rob Cronk Network and Security Administrator 812-349-3454
Michael Crump Assistant Director 812-349-3454
Ashley Davis Technology Support Specialist 812-349-3454
Cassandra DeHart Technology Support Specialist 812-349-3454
Rick Dietz Director 812-349-3485
Chris England Systems & Applications Manager 812-349-3859
Mark Freeman Technology Support Manager 812-349-3511
Linda Gilliland Technology Support Specialist 812-349-3454
Justin Goodwin Technology Support Specialist 812.349.3454
Stefanie Green Accounts and Training Specialist 812-349-3454
Laura Haley GIS Manager 812-349-3599
Cliff Ingham Database Admin/Web App Developer 812-349-3454
Desiree King Office Manager 812-349-3454
Nicholas Myers Technology Support Specialist 812-349-3454
Test Person
Alan Schertz Systems & Innovation Analyst 812-349-3521
Walid Sibo Application Developer 812.349.3454
Max Stier GIS Specialist 812.349.3454
Seth Tierney Systems Administrator 812-349-3454