Planning and Transportation

401 N Morton St Suite 130 Bloomington IN 47404
Name Title Phone (Voice) Email
Elizabeth Carter Senior Zoning Compliance Planner 812-349-3592
Ryan Clemens MPO Transportation Planner 812-349-3588
Darla Frost Administrative Assistant 812-349-3423
Eric Greulich Senior Zoning Planner 812-349-3526
Keegan Gulick Zoning and Long Range Planner 812-349-3531
Gabriel Holbrow Zoning Compliance Planner 812-349-3528
Seyedamir Kaboli Farshchi Long Range Planner 812-349-3523
Carmen Lillard Office Manager 812-349-3424
Pat Martin Senior Transportation Planner 812-349-3530
Karina Pazos Zoning Planner and GIS Analyst 812-349-3527
Mallory Rickbeil Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator 812-349-3529
Scott Robinson Director 812-349-3566
Beth Rosenbarger Planning Services Manager 812-349-3473
Jacqueline Scanlan Development Services Manager 812-349-3524
Ben Sharaf O'Neill Fellow 812-349-3423
Linda Thompson Senior Environmental Planner 812-349-3533