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Share your energy data!

We need Bloomington renters to share how much they are paying for gas and electricity! Fill out the form below, and then encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

We're looking for a Python developer!

More details are here (PDF 105.51 KB).

Project Description

In many cities, the housing information available makes it difficult for renters to consider sustainability concerns such as utility usage, access to transportation, or the availability of recycling facilities when making housing decisions.


  1. Empowers renters to see and compare utility costs, accessibility to alternative modes of transit and recycling options, to make rental housing decisions that align with their values and save them money.
  2. Enables landlords to promote the energy saving improvements they have made to their properties and realize a maximum return on those investments.

We're still refining the design but RentRocket is up and running and you can use it for your next rental search!

This project is being funded by the Urban Sustainability Directors Network.


The initial set-up phase (Phase I) of the project was completed in February 2014. It involved interviewing partners and stakeholders, gathering and evaluating data, and developing a draft prototype of the tool.

Phase II of the project began in May 2014, and is expected to run until early 2015. The focus of Phase II is crowdsourcing data, developing additional functionality for the prototype, and identifying future partners.

Collaborating Cities

City partners involved in the project include Albany (NY), Ann Arbor (MI), Berkeley (CA), Bloomington (IN), Burlington (VT), Columbia (MO), Dearborn (MI), Evanston (IL), Iowa City (IA), and Madison (WI). USDN Partnering Cities Map


Email or call 812.349.3837.