Green Rental Housing Tool Collaborative Project

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Project Description

In many cities, the housing information available makes it difficult for renters to consider sustainability concerns such as utility usage, access to transportation, or the availability of recycling facilities, and to change their behavior accordingly.

The proposed tool is intended to:

  1. Help renters, initially college students, consider sustainability factors alongside other factors (such as rent, access to laundry facilities, etc.) when making housing decisions
  2. Help landlords grasp the value of sustainability investments as a marketable asset.

The tool will ultimately be an interactive website, associated smart phone app, or other combination to enable participating cities to share information and create markets of smarter, more sustainability-minded renters. In short, the project seeks to answer the following question: Is there a tool or set of tools that can help renters find and promote green rental housing in multiple cities?

This project is being funded by the Urban Sustainability Directors Network.


The initial set-up phase (Phase I) of the project was completed in February 2014. It involved interviewing partners and stakeholders, gathering and evaluating data, and developing a draft prototype of the tool.

Phase II of the project began in May 2014, and is expected to run until early 2015. The focus of Phase II is crowdsourcing data for the tool, developing additional functionality for the prototype, and identifying future partners.

Collaborating Cities

City partners involved in the project include Albany (NY), Austin (TX), Ann Arbor (MI), Berkeley (CA), Bloomington (IN), Burlington (VT), Columbia (MO), Dearborn (MI), Evanston (IL), Fayetteville (AR), Iowa City (IA), Lawrence (KS), Madison (WI), and Oklahoma City (OK).

USDN Partnering Cities Map


Email or call 812.349.3837.