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Local Arts Guide

The Scene

Bloomington boasts a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Galleries and museums are located throughout the downtown, nestled amongst a rich blend of shops, eateries and other attractions. India_Dance In a community that boasts well over 1,000 performances annually of opera, music, dance, theatre and spoken word, numerous major festivals and special events, and an ever-changing array of exhibits at more than two dozen museums and galleries, you'll never hear "There's nothing to do around here!" The sheer number of high-quality and affordable arts events and entertainment opportunities has made Bloomington an increasingly popular tourist destination for those who appreciate the energy of a thriving, artistic community.

Supporting the Arts

Stage Park Additonally Bloomington is a city rich in opportunities, and is committed to supporting and cultivating its arts community. The City provides arts programming for the community; funding for artists and arts organizations; and economic development initiatives designed to combine culture and commerce for the creative and economic benefit of all. This guide contains information regarding local artists and art initiatives, City grants and other entertainment and cultural opportunities.

For information on Entertainment Venues, Museums, Performance Venues and the BEAD District visit our location groups.

Exploring the Arts

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