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City of Bloomington, Indiana

Muddy Fork Pizza Party and Beverage Lab

Sunday, September 17 from 4-7 p.m. 
Bus departs City Hall at 3:45 p.m.

Location: Muddy Fork Bakery
$30 per person
Register by 9/14 (Code: 96501-A). 

More information: Contact Marcia Veldman at 812.349.3738 or via e-mail at

Muddy Fork Bakery, home to Indiana's only wood-fired, brick oven bakery, is hosting a pizza party and beverage lab. you'll not only be able to make pizza, baked a 800 degrees next to a live fire, but also learn about and taste some of the delicious beverages offered at Market.

SamUel Sveen, who started Uel Zing with a yellow bike cart in 2013, will demonstrate the cold brew coffee making process. Aahaa Chai believes in self-realization through tea. You'll learn about the different types of teas, the health benefits of spices and how to brew an authentic chai at home. It's Kind Kombucha's philosophy that a healthy body yields a clear mind. Their brewer will demonstrate how to brew this drink at home, providing starter kits for those interested.

Participants will rotate between workshops while enjoying delicious pizza. We'll cap off the evening with homemade chai and coffee ice cream.

There are no refunds after the registration deadline. Prior to Sept. 12, there is a $3 administrative fee for cancellations.

Co-sponsored by:

  • Bloomington Community Farmers' Market
  • Bloomingfoods Market and Deli
  • Harvest Moon Flower Farm
  • Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery
  • Kind Kombucha
  • Aahaa Chai 
  • Uel Zing

Don't care to register online? Fill out the program registration form and mail it with your payment to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Muddy Fork Bakery

Muddy Fork is home to Indiana’s only wood-fired, brick-oven bakery, where they make the finest sourdough and whole-grain breads and stellar pastries. They mill their own whole wheat, rye, spelt and Kamut fresh for each bake on a stone mill. They make their croissants with a blend of yeasted and sourdough preferments, giving them a depth of flavor that complements the cultured grass-fed butter they roll between the layers of dough. They have a portable pizza oven that they bring to Market each week to prepare a variety of pizzas on-site using fresh Market veggies, and Market eggs and meats. At this event, participants will have the rare opportunity to taste their brick-oven pizza, baked in 800-degree heat next to a live fire. They will invite participants to prepare their own pizza and try out using traditional wooden peels for loading and unloading. There may even be an opportunity to harvest some of the ingredients fresh from the Muddy Fork garden!

Uel Zing

Uel Zing Coffee started from a yellow bike cart in the summer of 2013 selling one thing, cold brew iced coffee. Company creator SamUel Sveen built the cart himself and maintains a transparent DIY approach throughout the business. Cold brew coffee is brewed using cold water, a gentler process which extracts about 60% less of the acids in coffee while still getting a ton of caffeine; it's super strong, super smooth. While Uel Zing does not roast their own coffee, they work closely with their partner company Tinker Coffee in Indianapolis to roast their signature ZING blend: 45% chocolatey Nicaraguan coffee, 35% berry-sweet Ethiopian, 20% smoky Sumatran. They've been bottling the cold brew since 2014, and the business has grown to a brick-and-mortar cafe and a booth at the Farmers' Market every Saturday. They will demonstrate the cold brew process using our Uel Brew 1000 DIY home brew kit for each group, with our larger 55-gallon production barrel system on display as well. To taste, they will share their standard ZING blend, plus each component of the blend individually cold-brewed, to compare the unique flavor profiles of each single-origin and learn why they are combined.

Aahaa Chai

Aahaa Chai is all about crafting unique varieties of masala blended chai using organic and natural ingredients. Aahaa means wow/expression of realization. Raji Muthukrishnan, founder of Aahaa Chai, wanted her customers to have that kind of an experience when they sip their truly authentic chai. Raji’s philosophy when it comes to food is eating/drinking something right and delicious. So she takes great care in choosing ingredients that are good for customer’s health and taste buds. She’ll do a presentation on different types of teas/masala chai with displays/free samples, the health benefits of all the spices in the blends, how to brew authentic chai at home and other ways of using chai in cooking and drinks. Most of all you’ll drink Aahaa Chai and relax!

Kind Kombucha

Kind Kombucha is a Bloomington based company started by two enthusiasts of this raw, probiotic-rich, cleansing drink, Eliza Goehl and Donte Walker. They believe kombucha can assist in the improvement of many chronic health concerns. Their process preserves all the nutrients and natural enzymes in this raw food, retaining those enzymes that boost digestion and fight chronic disease. They strongly believe that peace and happiness starts with the body-mind connection. They created this company because they are both invested in providing tasty, raw food that is not only delicious, but good for you and the planet. A healthy body yields a clear mind, and a clear mind can go further. Kombucha is an effervescent fermented beverage usually made with a base of tea and flavored with fruits or spices. During this workshop Kind brewer’s will demonstrate how to brew this health drink at home! Participants will learn about the unique qualities of kombucha from how it is made to how it is used. Do you know what a SCOBY is? Have you heard of Scoby Salsa? Join them and you’ll be saying “yes” to both. They will have kombucha starter kits available for those interested in brewing at home.