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About American Mushroom & Spice Co.

Over the last two years we've made significant capital investments into our Bloomington, Indiana mushroom production. We now produce three types of Oyster mushrooms, and four variants of Shiitake mushrooms. We grow our Pearl and Italian oyster mushrooms on carefully prepared and pasteurized substrates. Our Blue Dolphin oyster mushrooms are grown mostly on Willow logs. Our Shiitakes are grown only on hard wood logs and include the following woods: Red & White Oak, Sugar Maple, American Beech, Sweet Gum, Cherry and Sassafras.

We are the only mushrooms production facility in Indiana that holds a wholesale food handling permit. We are inspected by the Indiana Department of Health annually. We have on-site commercial dehydration and packaging equipment. We are a registered farming operation under Indiana Law. We are registered as a food production facility with the USDA as required by the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002.

We look forward to serving you only the very best in the year to come.


Cultivated Mushrooms, Honey, Herbs

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Cortland Virgil Carrington III

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