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About Bizzy Bee Farm

The idea of Bizzy Bee Farm began in 2009, when my husband and I decided we wanted better quality foods, to control what was put in our food, and to be self-sustainable. A year or so later, we found a property that was exactly what we were looking for. We now are able to grow and raise most of our food. This is the goal we wanted to achieve- to be able to grow and raise foods and small livestock without herbicides or pesticides. We grow and raise everything on Bizzy Bee Farm as naturally as possible. Our true inspiration for our farm was due to watching "Food, Inc.", and the belief that growing and raising our food naturally is how God intended things to grow, and how animals are to be raised and cared for in their natural environment, and in a humane way, thus Bizzy Bee Farm came to be.


Eggs, Honey, Vegetables, Blackberries, Jam

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the Saturday and Tuesday Markets

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Michael and Tina Mundy

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