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About Dallmier Countryside Produce

Dallmiers Countryside Produce is a family owned farm. (Tom and Kathy Dallmier and their children William and Courtney). Dallmiers Countryside Produce is located 5 miles east of Bloomfield, Indiana. They have been farming here since 1992. Their crops are naturally grown. They do not apply any form of toxic chemical pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides to their land or crops. They are not certified organic, but they use the same practices. They produce many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They sell their produce at the Bloomington Community's Farmers Market every Saturday and a few Tuesdays.


Vegetables, Fruit including Melons, Apples and Berries, Mushrooms, Cut Flowers, Nuts, Herbs

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the Saturday and Tuesday Markets

Owner Name

Tom and Kathy Dallmier

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Tom and Kathy Dallmier