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About Jones 5 Star Ranch

Christina Jones is a 5th generation farmer, and a passion for farming was born in her. Her great grandfather pushed a cart of his produce through Oolitic, IN to sell. Christina's youngest daughter, Reba, aspires to continue the farm into its 6th generation. The Jones' farm is home to Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats, Bearded Silkie chickens, Flemish Giant Rabbits, and a few hogs on 10 acres, which are all adored by the family. Like dogs, the goats know their own name and come when they are called. Each goat even has a preferred family member to milk it! They also grow soap ingredients in a greenhouses that spans the length of their house. Their most popular item is their lavender soap, which is made as naturally as possible. The oils are hand mixed, and the lye goes away during the curing of the soap. The lye is used to cause the chemical reaction which results in soap. Christina uses food grade olive, coconut, and palm oil, and organic herbs in her soaps. Since Christina is sensitive to chemicals, she tests the soap on herself, "if its not good enough for me, its not good enough for customers!" The Jones also sellchevron, pork, eggs, produce, herbs, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries all raised on woodlands and meadows in the fresh sunshine without chemicals.

Products from Jones 5 Star Ranch are also available at the Bloomfield farmers market, our farm stand at their home, and their web store.


Soap, Chevron, Pork, Rabbit, Vegetables, Berries, Persimmons, Herbs, Plants

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Christina Jones

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Jones 5 Star Ranch