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City of Bloomington, Indiana

About Meadowhead Nursery

I started growing vegetables for market in the late 70s. By the early 90s, I got pretty good and when the learning curve went down so did my interest. I took a break, but soon discovered I still wanted to grow, but not annuals or perennials. I had never grown 'woodys' nor in containers. Flowering shrubs sounded good, and I'm still excited. I grow 50 different species and have half that many for sale at any time. They are in small five-gallon pots and take from six months to three years to reach landscape size.

Two things you need to know before you go shopping: how big can it get before it gets in the way and how many hours of direct sun the spot gets. Stop by the Market and I'll tell you what might fit or if your favorite shrub might fit.


Flowering Shrubs, Bedding Plants

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Allan Paton

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Allan Paton at the Market