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Richard and Kerry Warren are the owners / growers of Metro Market Garden LLC in Spencer Indiana.  This year (2020) is our first year at the Bloomington market and our third year in business.  Richard left corporate America and Kerry left public school nursing to pursue our life-long dream.  We both grew up in Indianapolis and, after many years living in other states in corporate and public school America, we are happy to be back home again in Indiana. 

We offer a variety of nutrient dense, healthy produce and flowers!  Our core principles are as follows:

  • No till (except earthworms)
  • No inorganic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides
  • Focus on soil biology and soil mineral balance
  • Implement compost mulch, crop diversity, cover cropping
  • Use quality seed
  • Practice carbon sequestration, responsible water and land stewardship, reduced fossil fuel usage
  • Scale to capacity but seek not for an empire

We are always open to questions, comments, and suggestions. 


Vegetables, flowers

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Richard and Kerry Warren

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Metro Market Gardens