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City of Bloomington, Indiana

About Nature's Way

We moved to Indiana in 2009 and started our farm. We raise African nightcrawlers and collect the droppings known as worm castings. The castings are nature's way of fertilizing. We have between 36,000 and 1,000,000 worms at any one time. We control our inventory of worms based on sales and inventory. We feed our worms a non-GMO diet of different grains and peat moss. Our process is indoors in a temperature controlled area.

The vegetables we raise are grown in raised beds with non-GMO seeds and are fertilized with our fertilizer and no chemicals for pest control. Our fertilizer has a natural pest control, which is in the worm castings.

Lastly, we also make what we call Nature's Miracle Mist. It is made from the worm castings and is nature's way of an anti-aging serum. This product is very exciting and has had great results. Testimonial letters are available at the Farmers' Market.


Tomatoes, Worm Castings, Daylilies

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the Saturday market

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Ed and Vickie Burns

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Ed Burns