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About Simpson's Farm Market

Our farming operation began in 2007 as a startup operation and is now the primary income source for our family. In everything we do, we strive to create a "beyond organic" product. By that, we either meet or exceed all of the requirements for organic certification of meats but have no intention of seeking any "seal" of approval from some government agency. Our entire system is pasture based, and we utilize the most local resources we can from start to finish. We do not go outside of central Indiana for anything except those services and products that are not available to us within a 90-minute radius. We never administer antibiotics, vaccinations, growth stimulants, hormones etc. We would only consider using an antibiotic for a cow or pig as an extreme life saving measure.

The grains that are fed to our pigs, chickens and turkeys is 100% GMO free, 100% chemical free (insecticide, pesticide, herbicide etc.) and classified as "transitional organic". It is all raised in central Indiana, by local grain farmers attempting to break away from conventional row cropping. Many of these farmers are using sustainable cropping methods that include no-tilling and cover crops to improve soil health and fertility while at the same time eliminating soil erosion. We believe strongly in supporting their efforts as each purchase stops tons of petroleum-based chemicals and mutant grains from being released into our environment. Our certified organic mineral and vitamin supplements, kelp meal and fish meal (mixed with our local grains) come from a small, family owned operation in central Illinois (Helfter Feeds). Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished on our chemical-free pastures. We do supplement with hay in the winter, but our long-term goals include grazing year round to eliminate mechanized haying which is better for the soil and will also help eliminate fossil-based fuel consumption.

Our pork and beef butcher is located in Spencer, IN and is a second-generation family owned business. It is growing and providing local jobs. Our poultry butcher is a hardworking Amish family also located in central Indiana, and all of our poultry is butchered by hand avoiding contamination associated with mechanized evisceration. This is truly a local, beyond organic product. Every component of our system is verifiable, traceable and documented.

Our on-farm practices are very low tech and use as little energy as possible. The only electricity used to raise our animals is the heat lamps for the young chicks, the pump for our well for water and to run our fence charger. Much of our electric fencing is portable and run with solar energizers, and the balance is operated with a pulsing low voltage 110V energizer. It also has settings allowing for reduced energy consumption at night when the animals are not active. Our hope is to have it hooked to a fixed PV (solar) system in the near future so that all of our fence is solar powered.

Our chicken and turkey tractors are portable, and moved everyday to spread the manure over our pastures. This gets the birds off of yesterday's waste and onto fresh grasses for grazing. It also develops the grass for our beef herd by applying a natural nitrogen fertilizer. Our pigs are being used as "tractors" to reclaim an overgrown pasture area that will eventually house future beef herds in the extreme heat and cold as it contains large trees that can be used for shade and wind protection. The pigs are moved frequently to new grazing areas, and the beef are rotated every day. Everything on our farm is done in a symbiotic fashion and manner that mimics nature.

Our commitment is to provide healthy, beyond organic food that has been raised humanely while allowing our family to earn an honest, modest living. Our animals receive fresh air, fresh water, fresh grass and clean grains. Our practices heal the land and support other local family owned businesses.

We hope that you'll agree that in today's society, it is more important than ever to know where your food comes from, how it has been raised and the farmer that raised it. You are what you eat, and so is your food. That is why we are so transparent about what we do here and why we do it. The way we approach farming is unique, we see it as a partnership between us and our patrons. What we promise to you as that patron is the following:

  • Our pasture areas are 100% chemical, pesticide and herbicide free.

  • Our cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished, they are never given any grain.

  • All of the grains we use to feed are animals are transitional organic (chemical and GMO free) and are raised in central Indiana, supporting local grain farmers.

  • Only USDA Certified Organic fish meal and vitamin/mineral supplements are used in our grain mixes.

  • Our animals are treated humanely and have access to clean water, fresh air and plenty of sunshine.

  • Our meats are pasture raised and moved frequently to fresh, lush grazing areas.

  • Antibiotics and vaccinations are never administered.

  • We only use sustainable, low energy input farming methods that actually heal the land.

  • Our customers are always welcome to visit us by appointment, look around and investigate our farm and ask questions.

  • You will always receive the highest personal customer service.

  • We strive to exceed all of the various certification standards in everything we do.

  • We will never sell to you any food that we would not feed to our own children.


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