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RSS Feeds

RSS feeds assist persons interested in keeping track of changes to a website. Often, RSS feeds are used to keep track of news releases or blog entries. Websites usually divide their feeds up into topics, so that you can keep track of your areas of interest, specifically. By subscribing to an RSS feed, you can keep track of all updates to the portions of the website that interest you without hunting it down or event visiting the website!

To subscribe to an RSS feed, you need an RSS Reader, see Yahoo's list of RSS Readers. The homepage you've set for your browser might have an area for RSS feeds, as well (such as Yahoo, Google, or AOL. You can also view the RSS feed as a list by clicking the feed.

Blog Post;documentType_id=14
Current Event FAQ;documentType_id=15
Job Postings;documentType_id=12
Material Bid;documentType_id=16
Photo Gallery;documentType_id=13

Calendar Feeds

If you keep track of events on multiple websites that use calendar feeds, you can view them together using a web-calendar application, such as iCal for Mac users or Mozilla's Calendar Project for PC users. Follow the intructions of your application to add one of our calendar feeds.

All Calendars webcal://
Arts, Culture, and Recreationwebcal://;calendar_id=2
Be Bloomingtonwebcal://;calendar_id=3
City Holidayswebcal://;calendar_id=4
Grant Application and Awards Deadlineswebcal://;calendar_id=5
Multicultural Calendarwebcal://;calendar_id=6
Health and Wellnesswebcal://;calendar_id=7
Twin Lakes Recreation Centerwebcal://;calendar_id=8
Community Gardenswebcal://;calendar_id=9
Be Bloomingtonwebcal://;calendar_id=10

KML for Google Earth and Google Maps

KML is a file format that tells a map application how to display geographical information. Paste a KML address into an application, such as Google Earth, AutoCAD, or Yahoo Pipes, and the application will read the file from our server and display the information as a map. Once saved, your application should identify the most current map data on our website each time you open it.

Art and Cultural Venues;locationGroup_id=11
City Facilities;locationGroup_id=8
City Meeting Rooms;locationGroup_id=9
Entertainment/Live Music Venues;locationGroup_id=17
Historic and Interesting Geographic Information;locationGroup_id=18
Historic Sites;locationGroup_id=7
IU Facilities;locationGroup_id=20
Parks & Rec Facilities;locationGroup_id=10
Public Art;locationGroup_id=6
Public Parking Garages and Lots;locationGroup_id=14
Servicios para Latinos;locationGroup_id=12