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Allen St. Bridge Bridge between S Morton and S Walnut (150-156 W Allen St) January 7, 2020 to January 7, 2027
County closed bridge to motor vehicles until it can be replaced. Bridge will remain open for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.53497807455625 39.15560747171148,-86.5349847800788 39.15559811226916)
N Headley Rd N Headley Rd/N Hinkle Rd from E Maplecrest Dr to E Gramercy Park Dr November 15, 2021 to July 6, 2022
The southbound lane of N Hinkle Rd/ N Headley Rd will be closed for the construction of improvements to the Lake Griffy causeway.
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.51174219411425 39.19061370527572,-86.51183395760373 39.192427270196475,-86.51229277505114 39.19306734075863,-86.51229277505114 39.19370740549047,-86.5121551298169 39.19427634702424,-86.51311864645642 39.19672985461864,-86.51334805518013 39.19886326984221,-86.5142656900749 39.20039217756835),LINESTRING(-86.51431157181965 39.2006055108848,-86.51343981866961 39.20035662195261,-86.51022809653789 39.20177883254502),LINESTRING(-86.50999868781419 39.20213438069416,-86.50981516083526 39.203521001280876,-86.50825518151413 39.20440984623457))
Tapp & Deborah Signal Installation The intersection of West Tapp Road and South Deborah Drive February 28, 2022 to July 1, 2022
Lane restrictions will be in place for the construction of a new traffic signal at the intersection of West Tapp Road and South Deborah Drive.
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.56816662571836 39.13664684166346,-86.56755599776871 39.13662624908605),LINESTRING(-86.56786573658376 39.13679098953668,-86.56787458626418 39.13647523666771))
Kirkwood Closure for Street Dining E. Kirkwood Ave. Indiana to Dunn, Dunn to Grant, and Half block from Walnut to Alley. March 21, 2022 to October 31, 2022
Kirkwood has been closed through October 31st to all East West traffic in the areas outlined. North/South roads are still passable and open during the duration of the temporary closure. Any questions please contact Department of Public Works @ 812-349-3410.
Public Works
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.53344102010841 39.1665727662801,-86.53288173397176 39.1665727662801),LINESTRING(-86.5298001770228 39.1665727662801,-86.52834164650959 39.16655576149904),LINESTRING(-86.52815521779738 39.16655576149904,-86.52700374633957 39.16653875671389))
Park Ridge Resurfacing Project Park Ridge Road between East Third Street and East Cambridge Drive. March 28, 2022 to May 31, 2022
Lane restrictions will be in place for the milling and repaving of Park Ridge Road..
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.47630335771912 39.16430900858737,-86.47629070200456 39.16484869165171,-86.47567057199083 39.16542761979008,-86.47546808055777 39.16622241167639,-86.47512637626451 39.168312377110055),LINESTRING(-86.47512637626451 39.168312377110055,-86.47511372054996 39.16832218900791))
Walnut Street Traffic Signals. The intersection of 11th Street and Walnut Street and the intersection of 14th Street and Walnut Street. April 1, 2022 to July 29, 2022
Lane restrictions will be in place for the construction of new traffic signals at 11th and Walnut and 14th and Walnut.
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.53363370488768 39.175966543620945,-86.5333855020016 39.175966543620945),LINESTRING(-86.5337282583681 39.17330025069447,-86.53346823629695 39.17330025069447),LINESTRING(-86.53353915140727 39.17306202028945,-86.53349187466705 39.176113140986985))
CBU Stormwater Project Intersection of S Montclair Ave & E Queens Way April 27, 2022 to June 1, 2022
CBU staff will be replacing stormwater infrastructure at the intersection of S Montclair Ave and E Queen's Way. Work is scheduled to begin 4/27/22 and end 5/20/22. Traffic will intermittently be down to 1 lane with street signs and/or flaggers.
LINESTRING(-86.50541278252597 39.14632777200151,-86.50428142900539 39.14625045264708,-86.50322376504977 39.14620002696046,-86.50428142900539 39.14624709098706,-86.50435142121981 39.147145842912664,-86.50427653816791 39.14493069603819)
E 7th St E 7th St from Union to Overhill May 2, 2022 to June 30, 2022
Neighborhood Greenways Project: There will be EB/WB lane closures on E 7th St from Overhill DR to Union St, and NB/SB lane restrictions on Union St at the intersection of 7th St. This is a City project installing an East-West bicycle/pedestrian corridor connection.
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.50942601004849 39.168207688306296,-86.50345219426148 39.168207688306296,-86.50341786120029 39.16772856903415),LINESTRING(-86.50341786120029 39.16772856903415,-86.50333203051183 39.16772856903415,-86.50150383658533 39.167695296744824,-86.5009974360472 39.168240960353245))
Blue Ridge Neighborhood Block Party E. Rusgan Drive from N. Ramble Road to 317 E. Rusgan Drive May 3, 2022 16:00 pm to 20:00 pm monthly on Tuesday for 6 times
Blue Ridge Neighborhood Block Party
External Project
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(-86.53135448766407 39.201443812067254),POINT(-86.53207139345238 39.201114143802954),LINESTRING(-86.53207139345238 39.201114143802954,-86.53207139345238 39.201114143802954,-86.53218956473616 39.201065303928516,-86.53135711369261 39.20144584705173))
Hidden River Project 4th & Grant May 3, 2022 to June 3, 2022
4th street from Grant to the Taste of India parking lot remains closed. Grant closed from 4th street to the alley south of Soma and Trinity Church. Access to Soma and the Venue will still be open via Grant and the alley. This is for for sanitary and storm culvert construction (Hidden River Project)
External Project
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.53104123673921 39.16556598269074,-86.5298335207164 39.16556947672066,-86.53049145560712 39.16556947672066),LINESTRING(-86.52981098875553 39.16606561204634,-86.52982000158937 39.1655764645881))
17th Street Multi-Use Path East Project East 17th Street from North Walnut Street to North Grant Street May 9, 2022 to August 24, 2022
Westbound lane of East 17th Street from North Grant Street to North Walnut Street will be closed to traffic. A detour route will be established using North Dunn Street, 45-46 Bypass, and North College Avenue.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.53342624591883 39.1790076068763,-86.53224114554412 39.17898655278853,-86.52965213245436 39.17899936305173,-86.52865508698788 39.178997228008,-86.52836313444797 39.17902925365681)
South Robins Bow South Robins Bow from South Forrester St to East Winston St May 11, 2022 to May 24, 2022
Milling/Paving, weather permitting, Monday through Thursday, 6:00 am till 4:00 pm
LINESTRING(-86.49223559141365 39.14234119521447,-86.4925029564667 39.1425744782284,-86.4927981720461 39.142729999808154,-86.49296527520424 39.14275592003807,-86.49283159267773 39.1431015221913,-86.49269791015121 39.143261362613316,-86.49281488236191 39.14310584220746,-86.49295970509897 39.14276456011257,-86.4934665846787 39.14283800070311,-86.4935835568894 39.14288984107378,-86.49382864152138 39.14248375714817,-86.49383421162663 39.142423276363076,-86.49383421162663 39.142051750400384,-86.49383978173194 39.14246647692917,-86.4935835568894 39.14288552104435,-86.49386763225829 39.14307128207062,-86.49395675394264 39.143261362613316,-86.49397346425843 39.14355944243084,-86.49397346425843 39.143922320505055,-86.49385649204773 39.14411239874971,-86.49367824867905 39.14423767731216,-86.49347772488926 39.14431111636583,-86.49273133078283 39.14441047496348)
N Indiana Ave N Indiana Ave from E 13th To E 17th St May 16, 2022 to May 23, 2022
ADA Ramp replacement/ sidewalk replacement
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.52699443610022 39.175253090398456,-86.52698744811067 39.17822707638709),LINESTRING(-86.52705732800617 39.17900170053869,-86.52702937604798 39.178232493368824),LINESTRING(-86.52700142408978 39.17831916501996,-86.52705034001663 39.178996283616186))
East 2nd Street East 2nd Street from South Henderson Street to S Fess Street May 17, 2022 to May 18, 2022
Tree removal at 604 E 2nd Street
LINESTRING(-86.52720058526388 39.16136594314207,-86.52589155307432 39.16134160113677)
Flagging and Lane Restriction at N Arlington Park Drive N Arlington Park Drive May 17, 2022 to May 20, 2022
Flagging and lane restriction at N Arlington Park Drive (Private Road)
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.55410197439377 39.17918484935956,-86.55408826873233 39.179875423718016)

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