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City of Bloomington, Indiana

Mayor John Hamilton

City Seeks Customer Representatives for Farmers' Market Advisory Council

[[image:13346,left]|Bloomington Community Farmers' Market]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
January 9, 2017

For more information, please contact:
Marcia Veldman, Farmers' Market Coordinator, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, 812.349.3738 or [|]

Bloomington, Ind. - The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department is seeking a person to serve a two-year terms on its [Farmers' Market Advisory Council.|2611] [Applications|file:fmacapp.pdf] are due in the City Parks and Recreation office by 5 p.m. Jan. 30.

According to Farmers' Market Coordinator Marcia Veldman, the open position on the advisory council is for a person who will represent Farmers' Market customers. Applicants for the customer representative position must be City of Bloomington residents.

The Farmers' Market advisory council, or FMAC, is comprised of nine regular voting members, four of whom represent Farmers' Market vendors and five of whom represent Famers' Market customers. Appointments to the FMAC are made by the [Board of Park Commissioners.|Board of Park Commissioners]

The FMAC acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Park Commissioners and City Parks and Recreation staff in policy matters pertaining to the facilities and operations of the [City of Bloomington Community Farmers' Market.|farmersmarket] FMAC members also cooperate with other civic groups and governmental agencies in the advancement of the Farmers' Market within the Bloomington community.

FMAC meetings are held the third Monday every month at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall, 401 N. Morton St. in Bloomington.

To request an [application,|file:fmacapp.pdf] contact Marcia Veldman, Farmers' Market Coordinator, at 812.349.3738 or via e-mail at [|]