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The City of Bloomington ITS Department has developed and deployed a suite of lightweight tools for Open311.

About Open311

Open311 is a broad effort to establish an open technology platform and common standards to help governments manage and respond effectively to citizens' service requests. Open311 reports typically include requests for pothole repair, street signal light bulb replacement, graffiti removal and sidewalk repair. Open311 cities publish these services through a web API (Application Programming Interface).

Digital applications can use this API to report constituent issues to the municipality for action. The City of Bloomington has produced and deployed a companion Open311 server and mobile application. Both systems are open source and may be used by other municipalities and organizations to provide Open311 services in their communities.


GeoReporter is an Open311 constituent reporting tool and is the result of an early collaboration between the City of Bloomington, San Francisco, Portland and others to explore collaborative software development similar to the Kuali Community Source development model pioneered by Indiana University. Community Source is a software management model that pools resources among like-minded organizations to collaboratively design, develop and maintain software systems. Those early discussions inspired Bloomington to make its Open311 tools freely available for anyone to use. The GeoReporter app should work for any organization with an Open311 GeoReport v2 compliant server.

More information about GeoReporter can be found at


uReport ("civic-crm") is a small scale, standalone, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) web application with an Open311 (GeoReport v2) API. Context-switched feeds (XML, JSON, etc) allow it to easily be integrated into existing environments. For more information about uReport or to download, visit

Open311 Proxy

Open311 Proxy allows for embedding of Open311 reporting forms into HTML pages.

For more information about Open311 Proxy or to download, visit