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About the Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is the land use and development policy body for the City and is the decision-making body for site plan review, preliminary and final plats, and final Planned Unit Developments (PUD's). The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Common Council for rezoning requests, preliminary PUD's, and amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The Plan Commission also advises the Common Council on the adoption of, and amendments to, the Growth Policies Plan (GPP).

The Plan Commission is composed of nine voting members. They are Bloomington residents appointed by the Mayor and various City of Bloomington boards. A member of the Common Council also serves a rotational term on the Plan Commission. The Traffic and Transportation Engineer is an ex-officio member.

Statutory Authority: (I.C. 36-7-4-207, 214, 218) (BMC 2.13)

Once per month on a Monday but not the same Monday every month

Please check the city's government calendar for exact dates and times.


Appointee Appointed By Term Expiration Date
Heather Maritano Board of Public Works 2020-01-06
Isabel Piedmont-Smith Common Council 2020-01-06
Carol Stewart Gulyas Mayor 2020-01-06
Nick Kappas Mayor 2020-01-06
Jillian Kinzie Mayor 2021-01-04
Brad Wisler Mayor 2019-01-01
Darryl Neher Mayor 2019-01-01
(Vacant) Monroe County Commissioners 2020-01-01
(Vacant) Monroe County Commissioners 2020-01-01
(Vacant) Monroe County Plan Commission
Joe Hoffmann Parks and Recreation 2019-01-07
Andrew Cibor Planning and Transportation Department 2020-01-03

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