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City of Bloomington, Indiana

Mayor John Hamilton

The City of Bloomington Utilities Department has developed a FOG Management Program to prevent FOG from reaching the sewer system. Bloomington Utilities requires the installation and proper maintenance of grease removal devices, called Grease Interceptors and Grease Traps, at restaurants and other food service establishments.

What is FOG and Why is it a Problem?

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are generated during food preparation at restaurants and other food service establishments. When the kitchen, dishes, and equipment are cleaned, the FOG is washed down the drain where it cools and separates from the dishwater. The separated FOG accumulates in private drains, sewer pipes, and other sewage collection and treatment structures.

Accumulated FOG constricts and blocks sewer pipes, which can cause sewer back-ups into homes and businesses and can also lead to sewage overflows onto streets and parking lots. FOG can also interfere with sewage treatment processes at our wastewater treatment plants. These FOG-related problems add to the operating costs for the Utilities Department, which may contribute to increases in our sewer rates.

Fog Management Resources

Grease Interceptors

Grease Traps