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Switchyard Park Property

Switchyard Park

Switchyard Park press conference 12/14/16 Mayor John Hamilton at the Switchyard Park press conference Dec. 14, 2016

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton announced at a press conference Dec. 14 that the first construction project to take place at Switchyard Park is a sanitary sewer line being installed by the City of Bloomington Utilities Department. The 40" sewer line is a crucial piece of infrastructure for the surrounding area, and its installation will begin in spring 2017.

At the same time, Parks and Recreation Department officials will begin the process of receiving bids for construction of the park and its associated facilities, while the Bloomington Parks Foundation launches a $5 million funding campaign to support features in the park.


Located at 245 W. Grimes Ln., the McDoel Railroad Switchyard served as a regional hub for railroad activity and commerce from 1892 until 2000, when CSX Railroad made the decision to phase out its services.

The Switchyard Park contains 65.29 total acres.

The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department completed a comprehensive Switchyard Park Master Plan that will guide future development of the area. No timetable has been established for park development.

Switchyard Aerial View to Southeast smaller Switchyard Park concept drawing, looking north.

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