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uReport: Request a City Service

GeoReporter Use the form below to notify the City of community issues, such as potholes, graffiti, malfunctioning street lights, and more. When you submit your reports or comment to the City it wil be sent to the appropriate department. Choose a category to get started!

You may also send an e-mail directly to, call the City at 812.349.3400, or view the City of Bloomington Staff Directory.

Report an Issue

Select a report to send to the City for action. This system is not for emergency communications. If this is an emergency, then dial 911 for assistance. Thank you.

Disclaimer: uReport is provided for and driven by the community. uReport content may be posted by third parties unaffiliated with the City. The City makes no warranty as to the accuracy and completeness of third party content and takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for third party content. Reports submitted by the community are addressed on the basis of priority and available resources.

You can also submit reports with our mobile app.

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