Bloomington Police Department Incident Reporting BPD Incident Reporting

Welcome to Incident Reporting

Guidelines for Using the Bloomington Police Department Online Reporting System.

Note: Filing a false police report is a crime and is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1000.

The following are the incident types that can be reported through this system:

  • Lost Property
  • Theft From Vehicle
  • Theft From Building
  • Theft (All Other)
  • Fraud & Scam
  • Vandalism

Please answer the following questions carefully to create your report.

1. Is this an emergency or a crime in progress?

  • Yes
  • No

To report a crime that does not fit the specifications of this system, please call (812) 339-4477 or report it in person at the police station. If the incident did not occur in the jurisdiction of the Bloomington, IN Police Department, this report can not be made on this system.

You may contact one of the following nearby Police Departments:

  • Indiana University Police Department; 812-855-4111; 1469 E 17th St, Bloomington, IN 47408
  • Monroe County Sheriff's Office; 812-349-2780; 301 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404
  • Indiana State Police; 812-332-4411; 1500 N Packinghouse Road, Bloomington, IN 47404
  • Ellettsville Police Department; 812-876-2272; 1406 W Guy McCown Drive, Ellettsville, IN 47429

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