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TIF Bond Projects

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TIF Bond Projects

Bond Purpose

The bond issue's purpose is twofold:

Bond revenues will empower city government to care for what we have, and propel our community into the next generation of Quality of Life and Economic Vitality amenities. The Council and Administration of the near future will have the means necessary to tend to the repair and rehab of many and varied community assets while simultaneously making new investment in long-standing priorities. And, at the direction of City Council, those priorities serve both community-wide interests as well as TIF District-specific needs.

Click on the document below to see a list of projects funded by TIF Bonds.

TIF Bond Projects Presentation (PDF 2.51 MB)

Click on the document below to see facts and figures of the TIF Bonds.

TIF Bond Facts and Figures (PDF 176.67 KB)

Funded Categories

Generally speaking, the bond issue will serve five categories of projects:

  1. the promotion of community sustainability and reuse;
  2. the creation and improvement of public amenities, such as parks, with community wide benefit;
  3. the development of affordable housing;
  4. the improvement of transportation infrastructure, especially non-automobile transportation infrastructure; and
  5. the continued support of the city's urban core.

Specific Priorities

Click here to view the Switchyard Park Master Plan


Greenways projects include:
Parks capital includes:
Buskirk-Chumley R&R includes:
Public Safety infrastructure includes:
Public Works projects include:
Sustainability measures include: