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City of Bloomington Comprehensive Plan

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What does Bloomington look like in 2040? Where and how should we live, work, learn, and play? What are our priorities for the future? How do we get there? These are just a few of the many questions that the comprehensive plan will help answer, as well as provide a roadmap on how best to achieve these goals.

This is a unique opportunity for your thoughts and opinions to be an integral part of the city's future. We invite you to participate and get involved!

Comprehensive Plan April 2017 Draft

The City of Bloomington has begun the adoption process for the new Comprehensive Plan. The draft Comprehensive Plan can be viewed at link below. The Plan Commission hearing schedule for review and adoption of the Plan is as follows:

This schedule was revised 4/25/2017.

Amendments to the Plan
The Plan Commission will consider written amendments to the Draft Comprehensive Plan according to the schedule above. Any individual or organization may propose an amendment, but a Plan Commissioner must sponsor the amendment in order to bring it to the floor. Plan Commissioners will review all submitted amendments and select which should be considered. Please submit amendments to the Planning & Transportation Department using the form provided below. All amendments must be submitted by 12:00 PM on Wednesday, May 31. Please email all proposed amendments to Scott Robinson at Amendments to be considered by the Plan Commission will be posted here prior to each meeting.

Draft Comprehensive Plan (May 2017)
The Draft Comprehensive Plan maybe be downloaded in full at the link below (in PDF form).

Full Draft Comprehensive Plan (PDF 51.87 MB)

Comprehensive Plan May Amendment Request Form (Updated) (DOCX 11.77 KB)

Draft Comprehensive Plan (April 2017)
The Draft Comprehensive Plan maybe be downloaded in full at the link below (in PDF form).

View the amendments for review on Monday, April 24.
View the amendments for review on Tuesday, April 25.
View all submitted amendments.
Full Draft Comprehensive Plan

2016 Draft Plan

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2040 City of Bloomington Comprehensive Plan Document (DRAFT)

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UserVoice Online Discussion Forum

Provide comments on the working draft of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The UserVoice online discussion forum is currently active.

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See Public Feedback on the Draft Plan

The community has provided a considerable amount of feedback on the draft plan. This summary includes comments submitted at the town hall meeting, board and commission meetings, or those made directly to staff.

Planning Process Background

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or need additional information regarding the comprehensive plan, please contact the Planning and Transportation Department.