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Prospect Hill There are many avenues to become involved in your neighborhood and community.

The most direct link to neighborhood involvement is the Neighborhood Association. Neighborhood Associations work to proactively enhance the quality of life by unifying the voice of the neighborhood while mobilizing commitment for neighborhood issues and initiatives. The Neighborhood Association provides a place to meet your neighbors, organize social events and bring your voice to the table about decisions affecting your property and neighborhood.

Housing and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND) has staff available to help you make your Neighborhood Association work for you, and as City representatives, the employees of HAND can inform you about the many resources available to Bloomington neighborhoods. HAND can help neighborhoods navigate through City departments and services and provide them with the needed information. HAND has a wide array of written materials and provides technical assistance to help set up and maintain a Neighborhood Association. Start off with the Bloomington Guide for Neighborhood Associations. So, a simple call to 812-349-3505 or e-mail can open up a world of possibilities.

The gray box in the upper left hand corner provides you with links to Housing and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND) Neighborhood Services programs, services and grants. Here is brief overview of what each site contains.

Locating a Bloomington Neighborhood Association

This site provides you with a listing of Bloomington Neighborhood Associations divided into four quadrants of the City. The association names that are underlined are linked to the corresponding association's website or blog. If your Neighborhood Association has a website or blog and you would like to have a link inserted -please contact us.

Grants and Programs for Your Neighborhood

HAND offers a wide array of programs, grants and services for neighborhood organizations. This site includes the Neighborhood Calendar (a listing of times and dates for 2013 neighborhood grants and programs), past issues of THE HAND UPDATE, Small and Simple Grants, Neighborhood Improvement Grant, Blooming Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Cleanup Grant and Pick it Up Litter Program.

Neighborhood Appearance

This site includes links to various City of Bloomington programs and services to help residents with the appearance of their neighborhoods, that includes HAND code enforcement, Roads and Traffic, Small and Simple Grants, Neighborhood Improvement Grant, Neighborhood Cleanup Grant and Pick it Up Litter program.

Safe and Secure Neighborhood

HAND provides a wide array of programs and services to provide for the safety of your neighborhood. The site provides links to Animal Control, Guide to Living in Bloomington's Neighborhoods, Quiet Nights Program and the Pick it Up Litter Control Program.

Building Community Leaders

HAND's Neighborhood Services offers programs geared toward enabling citizens to become active in their community. This site links you to our popular Citizens' Academy class, Blooming Neighborhood Celebration and current trainings and workshops.

Resources for Neighborhoods

HAND provides tools and resources to maintain and improve Bloomington neighborhoods. This site links to the Neighborhood Calendar, Animal Control, Guide to Living in Bloomington Neighborhoods, THE HAND UPDATE, Recycling Information, Roads and Traffic, Small and Simple Grant, Neighborhood Improvement Grant, Neighborhood Cleanup Grant, arrange for a neighborhood newsletter to be duplicated, learn about leaf collection and learn about Pick it Up Litter Control Program.

Neighborhood Maps

The maps in this gallery show organized Neighborhood Associations that are registered with the City of Bloomington's HAND Department.

Neighborhood Organizational Guide

HAND's Neighborhood Services has developed a "Neighborhood Organizational Guide" to help guide you in organizing your neighborhood. We can provide you with the resources, materials and technical assistance to get you started!