Road Closed

Hunters Creek Road, Phase I

2.85 miles east of SR 446

April 2, 2018 to October 1, 2018
This project is phase one of three phases. The road is being reconstructed. The improvements will include 2-10' paved lanes and a 2' aggregate shoulder with improved drainage facilities. For further information or questions please contact the department at 812.349.2555.
Monroe County Public Works
LINESTRING(-86.33120759367742 39.00781679185715,-86.32992013335027 39.00921738565552,-86.32946662365637 39.01039894697425,-86.32989577709874 39.01126595284833,-86.32938079296788 39.01279986028186,-86.32775000988684 39.01573419919441)

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