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inRoads is a digital service for managing and publishing road, sidewalk and parking status information. The information shared on the inRoads service includes closings, lane reductions, noise permits and parking reservations. It provides not only current information about road events, but future planned events as well. inRoads streamlines the process of creating and managing road, sidewalk, parking and other location-relevant municipal events (noise permits, etc.). inRoads publishes its data to the web, to email lists and through multiple open data formats.

Open Source

inRoads is an open source PHP application developed by the City of Bloomington. The interface leverage's the Open Layers library for rendering the map, and custom Javascript routines for interactive elements on the client side. The application also uses Google's Calendar service to assist with filtering and retrieving relevant events. The code is made available via GitHub at

Demo Version

If you are interested in trying out the inRoads application to see how administrators are able to add content to the system, we've set up a demo version:

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