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City of Bloomington, Indiana

The City of Bloomington is an accessible community that provides many programs and services promoting participation of people with disabilities. Here at the City we strive to offer many opportunities to become involved and learn about and from our residents with disabilities. 

  • Explore our Programs and Services for a detailed look at what city departments and other organizations are doing to make Bloomington more accessible.
  • Learn to Be Prepared for an Emergency with information and resources designed to address the needs of people with disabilities in our community.
  • Accessible Bloomington for Businesses contains information for businesses and consumers, including free inspections to determine how they can become more accessible, free Braille menus for restaurants, and information on employment and training assistance for people with disabilities.
  • Get Involved with Accessibility and serve on our Council for Community Accessibility, Council on Accessible Transportation, Human Rights Commission or, find an area of interest or concern from this list of Accessible Bloomington opportunities!
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires gas stations to provide equal access for customers with disabilities.

For additional information about City of Bloomington accessible programs and services, call the Human Rights Commission at 349-3429 or e-mail