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Page last updated on October 11, 2018 at 10:59 am

We should all be aware of the fact that natural disasters are a possibility in our own community. Emergency preparedness is the key to surviving such disasters. All families should have their own plan on how to react internally to such a situation and remain assured that state and local city and county governments are prepared to deal with these crises should they ever occur. Information, however, is the key to everyone's success and safety. Below are links to resources that describe the resources available should our community face a crisis incident:

Monroe County Emergency Management

  • Monroe County Office of Emergency Management establishes and maintains a progressive emergency management program that promotes the mitigation of, preparation for, the response to, and the recovery from emergencies and disasters impacting the public, government and business of the communities in Monroe County.
  • The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) is a public service provided by a reserve (volunteer) communications group within government agencies in times of extraordinary need. During periods of RACES activation, certified unpaid personnel are called upon to perform many tasks for the government agency they serve. Although the exact nature of each activation will be different, the common thread is communications. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for the regulation of RACES operations. The Monroe County RACES is administered by the Monroe County Emergency Management Agency, which is responsible for disaster services in Monroe County.

American Red Cross Monroe County Chapter