Lane Restriction

Vectren-Miller Gas main replacement

Downtown-various locations

May 7, 2018 to September 1, 2018
Miller Pipeline will have one day one lane closures in 7 locations (as shown on the map and listed below) over the course of this project. Flaggers and signage will be in place. Each segment will be updated with a specific date and time when that is determined over the course of the project. Washington St (between 4th and Kirkwood) Lincoln St (between 4th and Kirkwood) Grant St (between 4th and Kirkwood) Lincoln St (between 6th and 7th) Sixth St (between Walnut and Washington) E Kirkwood Ave (between Walnut and S Washington St) E Fourth St (between Walnut and S Washington St)
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.53334595037083 39.16559640665622,-86.53295703006368 39.16559224749483),LINESTRING(-86.53233475757219 39.16634089258267,-86.53234012199023 39.165937457053104),LINESTRING(-86.53107948375322 39.166365847281696,-86.53108484817125 39.16593329791186),LINESTRING(-86.52979738784411 39.166361688165836,-86.52980811668016 39.16589170648615),LINESTRING(-86.53332181048968 39.16756990099017,-86.53276927543264 39.16756574194545),LINESTRING(-86.53233475757219 39.16844329492639,-86.53232939315416 39.167782011943274),LINESTRING(-86.53105266166308 39.16843913593334,-86.53105266166308 39.16764892279255),LINESTRING(-86.53351492953877 39.166586280071925,-86.53236157966235 39.16658004141755))

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