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N Smith Rd N Smith Rd between E Grandview Dr and E 10th St (St Rd 45) December 1, 2018 to April 1, 2019
There will be intermittent northbound lane closures on N Smith Rd between E Grandview Dr and E 10th St during the timeframe of 12/1-4/1. Flaggers and signage will be in place.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.48249663186638 39.17256473614171,-86.48176707101432 39.17208231958111,-86.48146666360465 39.17161653493406,-86.4813164598998 39.17120065317786,-86.48133791757195 39.16918775071895)
Old State Rd 37 North Old State Rd 37 North between N Walnut St and Club House Dr February 6, 2019 to April 5, 2019
Old State Rd 37 North between N Walnut St and Club House Dr will be closed. Signage will be in place to Detour vehicles to N Walnut St
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.53659609428826 39.198877368845956,-86.53588799110835 39.20062336804867,-86.53556612602655 39.203516642617785)
South Mitchell Street Water Line Installation Project South Mitchell Street, between East Maxwell Lane and East Southdowns Drive February 6, 2019 07:30 am to 17:00 pm March 22, 2019
The City of Bloomington Utilities has scheduled a water line installation project, weather permitting. Signage will be in place. South Mitchell Street, between East Maxwell Lane and East Southdowns Drive, will be restricted to local traffic only for the duration of the project.
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.51435054612732 39.155552354977885,-86.51413596940613 39.155727064476,-86.51395357919311 39.15592673194263,-86.51381410432435 39.15620127378412,-86.51373900247192 39.15647581455437,-86.51372827363588 39.15670043802416,-86.51372827363588 39.15690842207903,-86.51370681596374 39.157174640772126,-86.51372827363588 39.15744085845793,-86.5137175447998 39.15764884032413,-86.5137175447998 39.1577902676419),LINESTRING(-86.5137175447998 39.1577902676419,-86.5137175447998 39.1577902676419))
Gordon Pike Between Rogers Street and Old SR 37 South February 11, 2019 to April 8, 2019
This segment of roadway will be closed for construction work for the Fullerton Pike project.
Monroe County Public Works
POINT(-86.53736585017259 39.12146556928434)
N Range Rd N Range Rd between E 10th and the Bypass February 25, 2019 to March 29, 2019
The northbound lane of N Range Rd will be closed between E 10th St and the Bypass. The southbound lane of the north-south portion of Range Rd will be open to southbound One Way traffic only during this time. It will be a right in from the Bypass and a right out on E 10th St. East-west access will remain open on the east-west portion of Range Rd.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.49576222265274 39.175566552587924,-86.49556910360369 39.1753669408651,-86.49551545942337 39.17527545196947,-86.4954296287349 39.17486790907898,-86.49537598455463 39.17159084569366)
N Rogers St N Rogers St between W 7th St and W 11th St March 11, 2019 to March 22, 2019
N Rogers St temporary southbound detour and northbound lane shifts between 7th St and 11th St. Detour-southbound traffic will be detoured from N Rogers St at 11th St to N College Ave to W 7th St while one lane of traffic on N Rogers remains open for northbound traffic
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.53859771562193 39.168605495463225,-86.53857625794981 39.17321349802239)

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