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Allen St. Bridge Bridge between S Morton and S Walnut (150-156 W Allen St) January 7, 2020 to January 7, 2027
County closed bridge to motor vehicles until it can be replaced. Bridge will remain open for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.53497807455625 39.15560747171148,-86.5349847800788 39.15559811226916)
N Headley Rd N Headley Rd/N Hinkle Rd from E Maplecrest Dr to E Gramercy Park Dr November 15, 2021 to July 6, 2022
The southbound lane of N Hinkle Rd/ N Headley Rd will be closed for the construction of improvements to the Lake Griffy causeway.
Planning & Transportation
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.51174219411425 39.19061370527572,-86.51183395760373 39.192427270196475,-86.51229277505114 39.19306734075863,-86.51229277505114 39.19370740549047,-86.5121551298169 39.19427634702424,-86.51311864645642 39.19672985461864,-86.51334805518013 39.19886326984221,-86.5142656900749 39.20039217756835),LINESTRING(-86.51431157181965 39.2006055108848,-86.51343981866961 39.20035662195261,-86.51022809653789 39.20177883254502),LINESTRING(-86.50999868781419 39.20213438069416,-86.50981516083526 39.203521001280876,-86.50825518151413 39.20440984623457))
E Longview Ave E 7th St to N Pete Ellis Dr January 24, 2022 to February 5, 2022
The street will be closed for utility work.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.49648703408803 39.166930704923686,-86.49498499703968 39.16696397757471)
Road closure (West 12th Street) West 12th Street between North Lindbergh Drive and North Monroe Street. January 24, 2022 to March 7, 2022
Please be advised that CBU crews will be closing sections of West 12th Street between North Lindbergh Drive and North Monroe Street intermittently due to water main replacement. Normal traffic flow is expected to resume by March 7. Road signs are in place.
GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(LINESTRING(-86.55252374482752 39.17423042542441,-86.54714859796168 39.17417220429081),LINESTRING(-86.54713786912562 39.174163886982086,-86.54714859796168 39.174163886982086))
S Lincoln St E 2nd St to E Smith Ave January 31, 2022 09:00 am to 15:00 pm daily until February 3, 2022
S Lincoln St will be closure daily between 9am and 3pm for sewer repairs.
Planning & Transportation
LINESTRING(-86.53120554757669 39.161440501941854,-86.53120554757669 39.162721587632404)

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