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Bloomington Common Council

Common Council 2015 Back, l-r: Tim Mayer (At-Large Representative), Dorothy Granger (District II Representative), Darryl Neher (District V Representative), Steve Volan (District VI Representative), Chris Sturbaum (District I Representative), and Martin Spechler (District III Representative). Front, l-r: Andy Ruff (Vice President & At-Large Representative), Dave Rollo (President & District IV Representative), and Susan Sandberg (At-Large Representative and & Parliamentarian).

As the legislative body of the City, the City Council is a link between the citizens of Bloomington and their government. By enacting legislation that fosters the health, safety and welfare of the City, the Council works to represent the interests of residents while ensuring the delivery of municipal services. By statute, the Council is responsible for the control of the City's property and finances, and the appropriation of money (Indiana Code § 36‐4‐6‐1‐18).

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Council Representatives

Council Meetings

Meetings are generally held the first four Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall, 401 N. Morton. All meetings of the Council are open to the public.

Public Comment: The Council values the voices of citizens and welcomes public comment at its meetings.View Rules for Making Public Comment.


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