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To whom it may concern: I was at the website for sustainability and water barrels, here: http://bloomington.in.gov/documents/viewDocument.php?document_id=5952 There is a paragraph, "A typical rain barrel is a drum with 50-60 gallons of capacity. In Bloomington, you can buy a rain barrel from Earth Care, the Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District and others. Or, you can build your own! Download our step-by-step instructionshere (DOC 368.00 KB)." Unfortunately the link to the "Monroe County Soil & Water Conservation District" seems to go to a New York page! I doubt this is intentional? Please let me know. The 2013 fee schedule says $45 for a rain barrel, which I might be interested in if I can really pick one up in Bloomington IN. Thank you! Sincerely, Jacob Neumann

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Jacob returned my call and claimed he got the information he needed

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I call Jacob, left message

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