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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers): Staff Report

Phone Call: CBU engineering was contacted by Dagnija Berzins who resides at 1509 South Huntington on 7.26.13 regarding damage to her hot water heater as the result of a “flash flood” on 7.23.13. Ms. Berzins said water over-topped the storm ditch and entered her house, damaging her hot water heater in the process. Ms. Berzins quoted $800 as the estimated figure to replace the hot water heater. Ms. Berzins claims the piping designed and installed by the City is too small and therefore, the City is at fault. Legal spoke with Ms. Berzins’ son and instructed him to file a tort claim. CBU indicated to Ms. Berzins we would send someone to look at the pipes and ditch in question.


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CBU follow-up complete. Property owner was given option by Legal to file a tort claim.

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On 8.23.13, CBU's Mike Carter reviewed pictures of the damage taken by Ms. Berzins who indicated she had the hot water heater repaired for $150. Pictures were forwarded to Legal's Michael Rouker.

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Site inspection was conducted on 7.30.13. Pipes were clear, but ditch needed cleaning (see attached pdf).

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