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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers): Complaint

Walk In: He is making improvements to the property for the property manager (Linda Quillan at Action Property Management) and says we need to do something about the water that comes in the back yard and floods the basement.

Assigned to
Michael Carter


9/12/2013 14:52:37 Closed by Michael Carter

Douglas Rose was employed by Linda Quillen. Linda Quillen was contacted 9-12-13

9/12/2013 14:50:40 Michael Carter followed up on this ticket

Michael Carter met with the property manager: Linda Quillen of Action Property management (332-8870). I explained the situation, and the fact that this was a private drainage matter. I did provide Linda with the existing elevations and offered a couple of suggestions that would improve the drainage. 1.) Redirect the SE downspout drain 2.) Redirect the discharge hose from the sump pump 3.) Find the end of the NW downspout pipe and be sure it is not being directed toward the basement. 4.) Do a small amount of grading to allow water to run away from the basement door. Linda was receptive to these comments, and said she would consult with the owner to see what he wanted to do.

9/12/2013 14:44:28 Michael Carter followed up on this ticket

Jane determined that we cannot pipe the storm water away from the house and to the inlet at the SE corner of Fess and Grimes. the existing sanitary sewer line is in conflict with any new storm design.

9/5/2013 16:59:04 Michael Carter followed up on this ticket

Performed field work, to analyze existing elevations, in order to determine whether there is a new route for the storm water.

8/28/2013 15:59:35 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Michael Carter

Mike, please see if we can find a corridor for new storm sewer on this parcel and see if the property owner is willing to grant an easement.

8/28/2013 15:56:44 Jane Fleig contacted Anonymous

I explained this is private property and we don't have the rights to do any work in here but it is an area we have been looking at to do improvements with HAND funding at some point. I asked if the property owner would be willing to grant a drainage easement on their property to allow work to be done in the future. He thought this would be possible and said we should contact Linda Quillan at Action Property Management. He did not have the office number but the cell number is 812-360-6542.

8/28/2013 15:52:50 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Jane Fleig

8/28/2013 15:52:50 Opened by Jane Fleig

1205 S Fess AVE


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