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Other: The property owner just south of me added a driveway ramp in September 2013 that completely prevents water runoff on the east side of N. Park Ridge Rd. (My property is #300). Water stands for weeks without draining. It is a traffic hazard - especially now when it completely freezes over. (I spoke with members of the street dept. who were out trying to clear the area during the last storm on Jan. 5/6. They told me they would report it to the dept.). It will be an even more severe health hazard in the spring/summer during mosquito breeding season. I understand the need for the ramp. However, could you persuade this resident to at least partially remove some of the ramp to allow water to effectively drain once again - please? I made a report on this issue in September 2013. According to this program the case was/is closed. However no action was taken and the situation persists.

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Roy Aten


2/9/2015 07:55:41 Closed by Roy Aten

This is a long standing issue on Park Ridge Road. Either the road needs milled during the next paving or the curbs need replaced. This will be addressed when Park Ridge Rd is added to the paving schedule.

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Roy, Can you please take a look at this? They should have had a permit and it sounds like they may have a little work left to do. Rick

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