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Other: There is a burst pipe over spot 316 in the 4th St parking garage. Also, when I was parked in this spot yesterday I came out of work at 5:00 to find water pouring onto my windshield from this pipe. Note that this water was not coming from the break in the pipe (shown in the photo above), but from a location directly above where a Prius-sized car's windshield would be.

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52defeafcf998 1/21/2014


1/23/2014 11:47:51 Closed by Barry Wallock

drained replaced. no contact info.

1/23/2014 11:41:57 Barry Wallock followed up on this ticket

broken pipe removed and new pipe installed

1/22/2014 12:23:07 mike stienston inspected this Location

We have inspected and have asked Ryan from REI to block off the space tomorrow so the drain can be repaired all the way back to the drain.

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301–399 W 4th St


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