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Drainage or Runoff: Question

Phone Call: He left a voice mail message asking for information about the existing storm infrastructure near this address. When we receive heavy rains, the basement has water issues and they are considering a sump pump but need to know what it could tie into.

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I gave him information on the storm sewer system in the area.

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I spoke to Mr Byers and explained our mapping shows a 21" clay storm pipe in the east-west alley south of this address and it turns and heads north in the north-south alley. I asked if he was going to try and tie in a sump pump drain to one of these sections of pipe. He said he didn't know yet. I told him if he does decide to do that, he will need to obtain a permit to do the work. He thanked me and hung up.

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1106 S Washington ST

Neighborhood AssociationBryan Park

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