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Drainage or Runoff: Complaint

Phone Call: Claire, explained that the sidewalk at the northeast corner of the intersection of 4th/Maple has a pool of water on it because the adjacent storm drain is too high.

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Danna Workman


8/26/2014 11:18:39 Closed by Danna Workman

Nothing can be done.

6/25/2014 15:38:28 Phil Peden assigned this case to Danna Workman

Danna, I'll send this to you so you can distribute to Joe or Ron. We couldn't find a way to get storm sewer in this low spot. I believe that some of the issue is that pavement in 4th street has been overlaid and the stormwater isn't routed into the existing storm inlets as well. Not sure what you'll be able to do because of the historic sidewalk and existing tree. call me if you have any questions. Thanks.

6/25/2014 15:36:04 Phil Peden contacted Anonymous

I called Claire to pass along the findings of Tony and I. I did say that I would pass this along to the street department and see if they could find a solution.

6/25/2014 15:26:46 Phil Peden inspected this Location

Tony Eads and I visited the site. Based on an existing water valve and telecommunications manhole there are too many conflicts to add any storm sewer. I also don't believe that street can help much because the sidewalk is of a special mosaic style and there is a tree just behind the walk that would be affected if they tried to raise the walk and curb.

4/11/2014 14:50:56 Phil Peden inspected this Location

There is an obvious low/flat spot in the gutter-curb line and sidewalk just north of the northeast corner of the intersection. I need to meet someone with Street Dept at the site. We might beable to place another storm inlet 20' to the north in the approx. low point, replace the curb and repair the sidewalk. There is a water valve box that might be in the way too. I will mark up a GIS and request that T&D meet with Street and work out a plan.

2/7/2014 09:59:28 Phil Peden inspected this Location

I visited the site last week and determined that something needs to be done to resolve the issue. Still need to complete further investigation, possibly some survey work, to determine if an adjustment of the asphalt and curb will solve the problem or if an inlet needs to be installed.

1/30/2014 14:29:02 Phil Peden contacted Anonymous

I spoke to Claire on the phone and said I would stop by take a look at the problem to see what we can do.

1/30/2014 14:21:48 Phil Peden assigned this case to Phil Peden

1/30/2014 14:21:48 Opened by Phil Peden

111-199 South Maple Street


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