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Drainage or Runoff: Question

Phone Call: Rick Alexander forwarded a voice message to me from Ms Anderson. She said they have a situation with their neighbor, his back yard joins their back yard, and he has rigged a pipe that collects water from his gutters and is going into their yard. It's coming into their back yard and she want to know if he can do that.

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I spoke with the property owner and explained this is not something the city can resolve.

4/3/2014 10:36:17 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I called Ms Anderson and explained this would be a matter between her and her neighbor and I suggested trying to talk to the neighbor and see if they can resolve it. I also explained it appears from our GIS mapping that she is downstream of the neighbor and runoff is going to follow the natural contours of the land but if she feels the neighbor is causing damage to her property she can file a civil matter (per our attorneys). She said the pipe comes onto her property and she asked if she could cut it off and I told her I was not an attorney and can't give legal advice but I would think you can remove something from your property. Again, I encouraged her to try talking to her neighbor because he may not be aware of the issue.

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