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Other: Last night in the pouring rain we hit a pot hole that was full of water and it flattened our driver side front tire and we will know later today if it damaged our wheel. Our car is only about 3 weeks old. Purchased new at Toyota. What is our recourse on the pothole Pothole located between CVS (South) and Chase Bank (South). What is our recourse on this unrepaired pothole that damaged our tire and possibly our wheel on my new car?

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Mike Rouker


5/19/2014 10:04:10 Closed by Mike Rouker

Determined that road in question is not operated by the City. The complainant will pursue the private property owner to recover her damages.

5/19/2014 10:03:28 Mike Rouker contacted Anonymous

Spoke with her again very late on Friday, around 5:45. She clarified that the pothole was on a private drive off of Country Club. I explained that the City could not legally maintain a private drive. She and her husband both indicated they would pursue the owner of the private drive to recover damages.

5/16/2014 14:38:40 Mike Rouker contacted Anonymous

Contacted via phone 5-16-14. Contacted Street Department. Danna returned my call and reported that Street crews are confident that the pothole is in a private parking lot between CVS and Chase. That seems likely. Will confirm with complainant when I receive a return phone call.

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Mike, I believe Renee is out. Can you email this constituent?

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