City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor

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Drainage or Runoff: Request

Phone Call: Mr. Gary Verostko of 1015 S. Ballantine called concerning standing water behind Deer Park near Highland Ave and Tarzian Lane. He stated that the mosquitoes were as bad as he has ever seen in Bloomington.


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I looked at the 2 areas in question. One is small, and would be impractical to attempt to fill. I applied a mosquito larvae killer to the area. I did the same for the larger area. It is being reviewed by Jane Fleig for corrective action under Christine Matheu 1016 S Highland

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Mike Carter asked the County Health Department to Investigate, and Utilities T&D to see if they could minimize standing water

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Could you have someone look at this area and see if we can eliminate the ponding water? I will contact county health

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