City of Bloomington, Indiana

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Drainage or Runoff: Comment

Phone Call: Mrs. Berzins of 1509 S. Huntington called 6-9-14 concerning standing water/mosquitoes, and heavy run-off during strong rain events

Assigned to
Phil Peden


6/11/2014 15:48:18 Closed by Phil Peden

I spoke to the maintenance staff at Carlisle, Doug Jeffers 272-9399 and he is going to clear the clogged inlets near their entrance.

6/10/2014 16:31:41 Anonymous followed up on this ticket

Mike Carter sent a request to the County Health Department asking them to investigate

6/10/2014 16:17:41 Anonymous assigned this case to Phil Peden

Phil is looking into clogged drains at Carlisle, and I will contact county health.

6/10/2014 16:17:41 Opened by Anonymous