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Drainage or Runoff: Question

Phone Call: Mr Foster left a voice message yesterday. He said it has to do with a manifestation of water in his basement/crawl space. It is not coming in from the walls and it comes and goes. He had his water lines changed thinking that was the problem but still occurs. The area becomes muddy and now there's some mold as well. He wants advice on what he can do.

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This is a private issue.

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Mr Foster called back and thanked me for the information. He went on to explain this is at the top of the crawlspace, not the low part so he doesn't think it's groundwater. He asked if I had any suggestions on who he could get to help with this. I told him he could try looking for a company that does basement and crawlspace waterproofing (probably could try Googling) or he could try Kevin Potter or Bill Riggert if he wanted an engineer.

7/22/2014 12:49:17 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I called him back and got his voicemail. I left a message explaining this is a private issue since it's in his house and suggested possibly putting a dehumidifier in his basement/crawlspace. He should also make sure he checks his gutters and downspouts to make sure water is directed away from the house.

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