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Drainage or Runoff:

Other: The fire hydrant on Jordan, between the Delta Gamma house and the parking garage has been open, pouring water into the street all weekend and is still doing so. This is a gross waste of the city's clean water.

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Nancy Axsom


8/11/2014 10:37:58 Nancy Axsom contacted Anonymous

Sent an email to Ms Hooker explaining why the hydrant was running. She immediately responded back in Dutch, I believe, saying, "Well, that was attentive." I believe she's referring to the fact there was a delay in a response to her. This report was brought to my attention on 8/11 (report made on 8/5). I did not receive an auto-email about this report; I checked my deleted folder and SPAM folder, and there was no email. I contacted the Helpdesk for them to look into this.

8/11/2014 09:47:49 Closed by Nancy Axsom

Emailed Ms Hooker w/an explanation of the flowing hydrant.

8/11/2014 09:43:55 Nancy Axsom followed up on this ticket

CBU was upgrading the main in Jordan from E 3rd to approx this location. I spoke w/Mike Runyon, CBU Inspector, and he stated this hydrant was running because they were emptying the old line of it's water so it could be cut and capped off.

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