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Other: We have contacted the street department 4 times now on this prob. At the end of Tudor lane and aloe dale there is a sink hole in the road that constantly has red clay wet mud approximately 4 feet in diameter around it. Red clay water runs almost a block downhill. The hole has been patched but eons up again. It is not a pot hole but is caving in. We as a neighborhood have to either pull out into the opposite lane of traffic or go through red wet mud. Please direct my email to appropriate person. I had notified u earlier this summer and they said they would send a supervisor out. This is probably 4-5 month on going. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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9/29/2014 14:32:43 Closed by Danna Workman

Joe is working with Utilities on resolution of underground spring; citizen notified.

8/28/2014 14:26:28 Danna Workman followed up on this ticket

The address is Tudor Lane and Allendale

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