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Drainage or Runoff: Complaint

Phone Call: Kathy Curry left a voice message for me on 10/2/14 saying she has concerns about the drainage system going through her yard and how it's retaining water. She wants to make an appointment to discuss it.

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Jane Fleig


6/15/2015 12:29:38 Closed by Jane Fleig

T&D performed work and I emailed property owner.

6/15/2015 12:29:04 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

T&D did some upstream work in the pipe and channel. I was told Kathy was there when they did the work. I emailed her to see if this was satisfactory and she sent the following response: Looks good on my side not sure yet about how inside and opposite side of culvert will drain. I will keep an eye on it. Thank you so much for your help!

5/11/2015 16:37:40 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I spoke with Tony and he didn't think he would be able to safely clean out the downstream end of the pipe but is going to see what he can do on the upstream end so it is not ponding water.

4/28/2015 16:38:04 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I called Kathy and let her know we had done some survey work there last week and again this week and we are going to try and get our guys out there to clean out the lower end of the large pipe across Azalea. I did not have a time frame yet but would let her know if I hear more.

4/27/2015 08:55:09 Jane Fleig inspected this Location

We performed some surveying last week and are trying to determine whether anything can be done with the drainage area.

10/31/2014 12:51:55 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I called and spoke to Kathy and told her I hadn't forgotten about her but don't have solutions either. She said that was fine, her biggest concern is mosquitoes in the summer where water ponds so if we can try and do something by next spring, that would be great.

10/3/2014 09:34:17 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I returned her call and set up an appointment to meet at her house on Monday.

10/3/2014 09:31:44 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Jane Fleig

10/3/2014 09:31:44 Opened by Jane Fleig

1107 E Azalea LN

Neighborhood AssociationWalnut Creek

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