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Drainage or Runoff: Question

Phone Call: Mr Richie left a voice message on 3/25/15 saying that in heavy rains, water rushes down Wylie and across Woodlawn and down his drive. At times it has gone into the basement. He said he is going to have his drive paved this year and he wants to know if a drain could be put in that would connect to the drain he says runs down the center of his drive.

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Jane Fleig


5/8/2015 11:17:33 Closed by Jane Fleig

Mr Richie never contacted me again to set up an appointment.

5/8/2015 11:17:04 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

Mr Richie never called me back to set up an appointment so I am closing this.

4/27/2015 08:54:04 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I am still waiting for Mr Richie to set up an appointment to meet at his house.

3/27/2015 13:27:40 Jane Fleig contacted Anonymous

I looked at the drive yesterday afternoon and called Mr Richie back today. I explained the pipe running down the middle of his drive is actually a sanitary sewer pipe and he would not be able to connect a storm drain pipe to it. I also told him I would be happy to meet with him and look at what other options might be available. He explained he won't be home for over a week as he is recovering from a surgery but he will call me when he is back at home to schedule an appt.

3/27/2015 13:24:32 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Jane Fleig

3/27/2015 13:24:32 Opened by Jane Fleig

828 S Woodlawn AVE

Neighborhood AssociationElm Heights

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