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Other: Note location should be Winslow Farm Community Association storm water retention pond (DO NOT contact this home address). Note: I live at 414 E Wylie Farm road. My question is should soil erosion in Winslow forest be abated since we have a lot of soil in our storm water detention pond that seems to highly likely have come from Winslow woods (accumulated since WFCA pond was constructed in 1995).

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I've contacted the Winslow Farm Community Association and notified them of the citizens concern. Ultimately this is all on private property and would be up to them to complete a stream bank stabilization project. The sediment is not affecting the detention capabilities of the ponds or the downstream water quality. The ponds are acting as the water quality BMP to collect the sediment before it leaves the site. If they keep allowing the banks to erode upstream they may have to advance the schedule of a dredging project for the ponds.

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704 E Winslow Farm DR


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